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This Week’s Free Genealogy Lookups (September 21)

  • Massachusetts & Maine Family Histories, 1650s-1930s
    This database contains pages from Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy and Massachusetts and Maine Families. These volumes contain information about approximately 77,000 individuals. Since relatively few Cape Cod records have survived, the 108 histories and essays collected in Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy are valuable resources. They can provide a better understanding of the period in which your ancestors lived. Almost anyone with considerable New England ancestry will descend from one or more of the 180 families included in this database.
  • Maryland Marriages and Genealogies, 1634-1820
    Here you’ll find six volumes of comprehensive Maryland family histories and marriages. Three of the volumes contain detailed family histories, some gleaned from the Maryland Historical Magazine, while the rest contain listings of Maryland marriages.
  • Birth Index: Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1680-1800
    This database lists approximately 476,000 individuals who either resided in or were born in Southeastern Pennsylvania before 1800. This comprehensive index identifies fathers, mothers and children in a region that is genealogically significant for Americans with eighteenth-century European or United States ancestry. These records, found in 213 church, meeting, and pastoral records.
  • Census Index: Ireland, 1831-1841
    Over forty million Americans now have Irish ancestry. A remarkable aid for painting a complete genealogical picture of families with Irish heritage, this data set indexes approximately 77,047 records from two Irish counties Londonderry and Cavan.

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