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New York in the Revolution and War of 1812 Military Records

In records ranging from military diaries and muster rolls to historical essays, this data collection details New York’s participation in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Within the indexed images of six books, you’ll find reference to approximately 217,000 individuals.

Loyalists in the American Revolution

Loyalists were American colonists who retained allegiance to the British Crown. Also known as “Tories,” Loyalists were estimated to have made up one-third of colonial America’s population.

Revolutionary War Pension Lists Military Records

Military pension records are among the most authoritative sources of genealogical information because they were granted on the basis of approved applications. Pension applications had to be supported by documents substantiating proof of service and ultimately approved by the War Department before being submitted to Congress for approval.

Military Records: U.S. Soldiers, 1784-1811

This card index is the index to the compiled service records of 21,000 volunteer soldiers who served from twenty-two states and territories of the United States between 1784 and 1811.