Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian

This excellent book explains how to properly cite the evidence you usually find in your genealogical research. Every devoted genealogist is concerned with citations in their analysis for their genealogy. Accurate citations are necessary so that the evidence can be judged and if necessary allows for the research to be repeated. The author makes it easy to help genealogists (particularly the non-expert) to make sense out of citations and to improve their genealogy search… Read More        

Genealogy Basics: Death Record Research Advice for Beginners

Using death records is a basic part of genealogy research. In fact, for many genealogists, it is the first type of record set they learn to use. This is because death records are readily available to the general public in most cases, and because they usually contain a wealth of important family history information. If you haven’t yet learned how to use death records in your genealogy research and don’t know what they can offer you, here’s what you need to know to get started with them. How to Get Death Records Getting death records depends on when and where

Read More…

I know I hid my ancestors here somewhere! (Genetoons Cartoon #15)

Genetoons is a simple, one-panel, Genealogy cartoons for the whole family to enjoy. Using a Genealogical idea or fact, I want the reader to laugh! I hope you enjoy them.

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