Who’s Who in the Wars of the Roses: Elizabeth Woodville


The Wars of the Roses was a civil war fought in England on and off over the course of about fifty years in the mid to late 1400’s. It was known to its contemporaries as the Cousins’ War, because it was a war for the crown of England fought between two lines of the same family; those lines were cousins to each other.

There are a lot of major players involved in the Wars of the Roses, both men and women. With so many of them having the same first names as each other, over three to four generations, it is sometimes difficult for those not intimately familiar with the conflict to keep them all straight. But, each player has an intriguing biography, and a unique role within the war. Without any of these players, the war might have looked very different from it did, or even have turned out differently in a way that would change the way modern Britain looks and is governed.

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Genealogy Gold Podcast: #97

AF-097: What Can the British College of Arms Do for You?

The British College of Arms is a little used but highly important and rich resource for genealogical information for people with British ancestors. In today’s episode, I’ll show you what they can do for you.

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