Mathew Brady: Photographing the Civil War


Mathew Brady (1822-1896) was a photographer whose work is quite well known and famous today. In addition to taking photographs of 19th century politicians, who we would otherwise have no images of except paintings, he also documented the American Civil War in photographs. In fact, the Civil War is the first war to be documented and disseminated to the public via newspapers using photographic accompaniment. The vast majority of those photos were taken by Mathew Brady or one of his many, personally trained assistants.

He and his assistants marched out across the country during a very dangerous time for travel, in search of the most compelling, truthful images of the war. Amongst them, they took more than ten thousand photographs of the war, letting the average civilian American see in real, graphic detail just what was happening to the men on the battlefields of the nation.

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Genealogy Helps, Volume 9 (Free e-Book)

Researching ancestry is an exciting and fun pastime which many people are taking up thanks to the easy accessibility of records through the internet and other forms of research.  

And with this great new book to help you, it has become easier still.  Genealogy Helps, Volume 9, is an amazing resource which will help you to find records in some amazing and unusual places, including;

  • Adoption records
  • Prison records
  • Modern genealogical problems and how to solve them
  • Drawing hesitant relatives into your family tree research
  • English settlers in Barbados
  • Tartans: The key to clans
  • How to research the birthplaces of your ancestors
  • And more…

There’s a whole lot more to researching a family tree than at first meets the eye.  Genealogy Helps, Volume 9 will show you what you should include when it comes to your research and why each individual things goes towards making a complete picture for you. 

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Genealogy Gold Podcast: #103

AF-103: Royal Blood? Lineage Societies for You

Are you descended from royalty? I’ll explain why you should join one of these lineage societies for descendants of kings and queens in this episode.

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