What Is Ancestral Findings?

More than 20 years ago, Will Moneymaker began his quest into genealogical research. Recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and a blood disorder, Will found himself home for months at a time, and he used that time to study genealogy and discover the meaning behind his surname, Moneymaker.

AncestralFindings.com Genealogy Book LibraryHe collected books, did research in libraries, and used genealogy CD-ROMs to further his desire to learn more about his own last name. After collecting hundreds of books and thousands of documents relating to his genealogical research, Will started a website.

It was 1995, and the Internet was just starting to boom despite slow Internet connections. He started AncestralFindings.com because he knew that the information he had collected over the past two years was of vital significance for others trying to learn more about their family histories.

He first used America Online to reach out to other members of his family and to share the current information he had gathered. Within the first week, Will had hundreds of inquiries about family history, both from family members and from people reaching out for information after they learned about his extensive research.

Will learned a lot about the origins of his family, fulfilling the dreams he’d had since he was a young boy of learning more about his surname. His research led him to Germany, where he learned that Moneymaker was also Geldmacher, Geldmaker and Geldschläger. He talked with family members in Germany, learning more about the origins of his surname from those that shared the same name.

Once Will knew there was interest in a free-lookup genealogical website, he focused on designing a site that could display the books and CD-ROMs for people to search through and submit a lookup request in their own personal quests to find their families’ origins. The website had more than 1,000 requests the first month, and it now receives up to 10,000 requests a month from people looking for more information about their genealogy.

Will Moneymaker

Will has always wanted genealogical research to be free and to be able to help out others who were into creating their own family trees. He provides one free lookup request per day for those searching for answers. More than 20 years later, Will and his website, AncestralFindings.com, have provided more than 1 million free lookups to people throughout the world.

At AncestralFindings.com, you can submit one request a day for free, and you can request marital, military, land, state and census records to learn more about members of your family who have come before you. It’s a fun process, and once you start digging into your family, you won’t be able to stop.

Use AncestralFindings.com to cross-reference information you already have and to learn more about the people in your family who you thought were forever lost to you. If you know the general area where a family member once lived, census records and land records can both be requested to make sure that you have found the right person.

Will understands that genealogy is an exciting adventure into the past and into learning about where you come from. He knows what it takes to dig deep to find the information you are seeking and the rewards you feel when your searches provide answers.

He works hard to provide a website that is user-friendly and provides the most accurate information on genealogy that is possible. Making constant updates to the site, Will knows that it takes time and energy to get all the answers to the questions you have.

With more than 20 years in genealogical research, AncestralFindings.com provides an invaluable tool for those trying to complete their own research online and struggling with pay per search websites.  Submit you’re family history questions today.

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