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Census Lookups

600s-1900s, Canadian Genealogy
1500s-1800s, Irish Source Records
1600s-1800s, Long Island Families
1600s-1800s, Midwest Pioneers
1634-1790, Colonial America
1700s-1800s, Texas Early Settlers
1700s-1800s, Georgia Early Settlers
1770, 1773, 1787, Nova Scotia
1790, U.S. Selected Counties
1800, U.S. Selected Counties
1810, U.S. Selected Counties
1820, U.S. Selected Counties
1830, U.S. Selected Counties
1831-1841, Ireland
1840, U.S. Selected Counties
1848-1864, Griffith's Valuation of Ireland
1848-1850, Canada: New Castle and Johnston Districts
1848-1850, Canada: Ontario, Huron District
1850, Alabama, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Arkansas, Census Microfilm Records
1850, California, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Connecticut, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Illinois, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Indiana, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Kentucky, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Louisiana, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Maine, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Massachusetts, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Mississippi, Census Microfilm Records
1850, New Hampshire, Census Microfilm Records
1850, New Mexico, Census Microfilm Records
1850, North Carolina, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Oregon, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Pennsylvania, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Rhode Island, Census Microfilm Records
1700s-1900s, Tennessee, Early Settlers
1850, Tennessee, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Texas, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Utah, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Vermont, Census Microfilm Records
1850, Virginia, Census Microfilm Records
1850, U.S. Selected Counties
1851, United Kingdom
1860, U.S. Selected States/Counties
1860, Indiana
1870, African Americans
1870, Baltimore, Chicago & St. Louis
1870, U.S. Selected States/Counties
1870, Massachusetts
1870, New York City, New York & Long Island
1870, North Carolina & South Carolina
1870, East Pennsylvania
1870, West Pennsylvania
1870, Virginia and West Virginia
1871, Ontario, Canada
1880, Ohio
1880, U.S. Selected States & Counties
1900, Connecticut
1900, Delaware
1900, District of Columbia
1900, Maine
1900, Maryland
1900, Massachusetts
1900, New Hampshire
1900, Ohio
1900, Pennsylvania
1900, Rhode Island
1900, Vermont
1900, Virginia
1900, West Virginia
1910, British, Australians, and New Zealanders Census
1910, DE, DC and U.S. Military and Naval Roll
1910, Germans in the US Census
1910, Idaho
1920, West Virginia Census Records
1920, West Virginia Census Records
1930 Census Records

Search Individual Ancestry Census Records:
"Second Census" of Kentucky 1800
1790 United States Federal Census
1800 United States Federal Census
1810 United States Federal Census
1820 United States Federal Census
1830 United States Federal Census
1840 United States Federal Census
1841 Channel Islands Census
1841 England Census
1841 Isle of Man Census
1841 Scotland Census
1841 Wales Census
1850 Slave Schedules
1850 U.S. Federal Census - Slave Schedules
1850 United States Federal Census - Updated!
1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia
1851 Channel Islands Census
1851 England Census
1851 Isle of Man Census
1851 Scotland Census
1851 United Kingdom Census Sample
1851 Wales Census
1860 Slave Schedules
1860 U.S. Federal Census - Slave Schedules
1860 United States Federal Census
1861 Channel Islands Census
1861 England Census
1861 Isle of Man Census
1861 Scotland Census
1861 Wales Census
1870 United States Federal Census
1871 Channel Islands Census
1871 England Census
1871 Isle of Man Census
1871 Scotland Census - New!
1871 Wales Census
1880 United States Federal Census - Free Index
1881 Channel Islands Census - Free Index
1881 England Census - Free Index
1881 Isle of Man Census - Free Index
1881 Scotland Census - New!
1881 Wales Census - Free Index
1890 United States Federal Census Fragment
1890 Veterans Schedules
1891 Channel Islands Census
1891 England Census
1891 Isle of Man Census
1891 Scotland Census - New!
1891 Wales Census
1900 United States Federal Census
1901 Census of Canada
1901 Channel Islands Census
1901 England Census
1901 Isle of Man Census
1901 Scotland Census - New!
1901 Wales Census
1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
1910 United States Federal Census
1911 Census of Canada
1920 United States Federal Census
1930 Census of Merchant Seamen
1930 United States Federal Census
Addington County, Ontario Canada 1851 Census
Alabama Census, 1810-90
Alaska Census, 1870-1907
Albany, New York State Census, 1915
Ameliasburg, Prince Edward District, Ontario Census, 1881
Arizona and New Mexico Territories Census, Late 1800s
Arizona Census, 1831-80
Arizona Territory Census, 1864
Arkansas Census, 1819-70
Arkansas Census, 1840
Assiniboia, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891
Athol, Picton, and Wellington, Prince Edward District, Ontario Census, 1881
Barnstable County Massachusetts 1855 Census
Barnstable, Massachusetts Census, 1920
Beaver County, Utah Census, 1900
Beaverhead County, Montana Census, 1910
Belcourt, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891
Blenheim, Chatham, and Harwich, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881
Boston, Massachusetts, Census, 1707
Brighton, Ontario Census, 1861
California Census, 1790-1890
Census of the Blackfeet, Montana, 1897-1898
Chatham and Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1891
Cheatham County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Cheshire, Massachusetts Census, 1900-20
Chicago Voter Registration, 1888
Chicago Voter Registration, 1890
Chicago Voter Registration, 1892
Clark County, Indiana Census, 1880
Clay County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Colchester South, Essex County, Ontario Census, 1881
Colorado State Census, 1885
Connecticut Census, 1790
Connecticut Census, 1790-1890
County Antrim, Ireland 1851 Census
Cuban Census Records of 16th-18th Centuries: Censos, Padrones y Matriculas de la Poblacion de Cuba Siglos 16-18. Revised Ed.
Daviess County, Kentucky Census, 1900
Daviess County, Kentucky Census, 1920
Dawson, Deaf Smith, Denton and Martin, Texas Census, 1900
DeKalb County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Delaware Census, 1790-1890
Dennis, Massachusetts Census, 1920
District of Columbia Census, 1800-90
Dover, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881
Durham County, Ontario Census, 1861
East Selkirk and Varennes, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891
Emery County, Utah Census, 1910
Essex District, Ontario, Canada Census, 1881 (Kingsville, Colchester, Sandwich, Pelee, Gosfield)
Faribault, Minnesota Census, 1920
Florida Census, 1820-90
Florida State Census, 1885
Franklin County, Missouri Census, 1920
Free Blacks and Mulattos in South Carolina 1850 Census
Garfield County, Utah Federal Census, 1910
Georgia Census, 1790-1890
Gregg County, Texas Census, 1900
Gregg County, Texas Census, 1910
Gregg County, Texas Census, 1920
Hancock, Massachusetts Census, 1790-1920
Hawaii Census, 1900-10
Hillier Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario Census, 1881
Holt County, Missouri Census, 1920
Hope, Ontario Census, 1881
Hope, Ontario Census, 1891
Houston County, Georgia Census, 1900
Houston County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Howell County, Missouri Census, 1880
Illinois Census, 1810-90
Illinois Census, 1820
Index to Seamen' Protection Certificate Applications, Port of Philadelphia 1769-1823
Index to Seamen's Protection Certificate Applications, Port of Philadelphia 1824-1861
Index to the 1830 Census of Georgia - New!
Indexes to Seamen's Protection Certificate Applications and Proofs of Citizenship
Indiana Census, 1790-1890
Iowa Census, 1838-70
Iowa State Census 1885
Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925 - New!
Iowa State Census, 1895
Ireland 1766 Religious Census
Ireland Householder's Index, County Antrim
Iron County, Utah Census, 1910
Irwin County, Georgia Census, 1900
Jackson County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Kansas Census, 1850-90
Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1915 - New!
Kansas Territorial Census, 1855 - Free Index
Kent County, New Brunswick Census, 1871: Eight Subdistricts
Kent County, Ontario, Canada, 1881 Census: Chatham, Wallaceburgh
Kentucky 1910 Miracode Index
Kentucky Census, 1810-90
Kentucky Census, Reconstructed, 1790
Lanesboro, Massachusetts Census, 1790-1920
Laurens County, South Carolina Census, 1800
Leavenworth, Kansas State Census, 1865
Lennox County, Ontario Canada 1851 Census
Lisgar District, Manitoba 1891 Census: SD Woodlands & St Paul
Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891: Gimli, Kildonan, Macdonald, Plessis, Rockwood, Selkirk Town
Los Angeles City and County Census, 1850
Louisiana Census, 1791-1890
Macon County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Maine Census, 1800-90
Marinette County, Wisconsin Census, 1900 (Excluding Grover Precinct)
Marquette District, Manitoba Census, 1891
Maryland Census, 1772-1890
Maryland Colonial Census, 1776
Maryland Records Colonial, Revolutionary, County, and Church from Original Sources Vol. I
Marysborough South, Prince Edward District, Ontario Census, 1881
Massachusetts Census, 1790-1890
Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1867 (in German)
Mersea, Essex District, Ontario Census, 1881
Michigan Census, 1827-70
Michigan State Census, 1894
Millbrook, Ontario Census, 1881
Millbrook, Ontario Census, 1891
Minnesota Census, 1835-90
Mississippi Census, 1805-90
Missouri Census, 1830-70
Missouri Mortality Records, 1850 and 1860
Monterey, California Census, 1850-60
Muskogee County, Oklahoma Census, 1910
Navajo County, Arizona Census, 1910
Navajo Springs, Colorado Ute Census, 1904-08
Nebraska Census, 1854-70
Nebraska State Census, 1885
Nevada Census, 1860-1910
Nevada State Census, 1875
New Hampshire Census, 1790-1890
New Jersey Census, 1772-1890
New York Census, 1790-1890
New York City Police Census, 1890
New York State Census Collection
New York: State Census of Albany County Towns in 1790
Newcastle, Ontario Census, 1881
Newcastle, Ontario Census, 1891
Newton County, Arkansas Census, 1900
North Carolina Census, 1790-1890
North Dakota Census, 1870-90
Northfield, Minnesota Census, 1920
Ohio 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ohio Census, 1790-1890
Oklahoma Osage Tribe Roll, 1921
Ontario and Nova Scotia Census, 1800-1842
Ontario, Canada Census Index, 1871
Oregon Census, 1841-90
Oregon Territory Census, 1850
Overton County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Payne County, Oklahoma Census, 1920
Pennsylvania 1910 Miracode Index
Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890
Peru, Massachusetts, Census Records, 1790-1920
Port Hope, Ontario Census, 1881
Port Hope, Ontario Census, 1891
Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881
Register of Seamen's Protection Certificates from the Providence, Rhode Island Customs District, 1796-1870
Rhode Island Census, 1740-1890
Rhode Island Census, 1774
Rice County, Minnesota Census, 1900-10
Rice County, Minnesota Census, 1920
Riley County Kansas 1925 Decennial Agricultural State census
Riley County, Kansas Census, 1875
Riley county, Kansas State Census, 1865
Riley County, Kansas State Census, 1915
Riley county, Kansas, 1885 State Census
Riley county, Kansas, 1905 State Census
Robertson County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Rockingham County, Virginia Census, 1900
Romney Township, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881
Rutherford County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Smith County, Tennessee Census, 1920
South Carolina Census, 1790-1890
South Dakota State Census, 1895
South Dakota Territorial Census, 1885
State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787
Stewart County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Suffolk Returns From the Census of Religious Worship of 1851
Tennessee Census, 1810-91
Texas Census, 1820-90
The Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana from 1699 Through 1732 - New!
The Children's Aid Society of New York
The New York Foundling Hospital
The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia - New!
The Rhode Island 1777 Military Census
Thurston County, Washington Census, 1900
Tilbury, Kent County, Ontario Census, 1881
Trousdale County, Tennessee Census, 1920
U.K. Census Free Sample - Free Index
U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index
U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880
Utah Census, 1850-90
Van Buren County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Vermont Census, 1790-1860
Virginia 1910 Census Miracode Index
Virginia Census, 1800-90
Vitelli Soundex of the U.S. Census
Walker River Valley, Nevada Paiute Indian Records, 1897-1901
Walker River Valley, Nevada Paiute Indian Records, 1902-06
Walker River Valley, Nevada Paiute Indian Records, 1907-12
Walker River Valley, Nevada Paiute Indian Records, 1914-20
Washington Census, 1850-90
Washington State and Territorial Censuses, 1857-1892
Webster, Massachusetts Census, 1870
Wellington County, Ontario Canada 1851 Census
West Boylston, Massachusetts Census, 1870
West Brookfield, Massachusetts Census, 1870
Westborough, Massachusetts Census, 1870
Westminster, Massachusetts Census, 1870
White County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Williamstown, Massachusetts Census, 1900
Williamstown, Massachusetts Census, 1910-20
Wilson County, Tennessee Census, 1920
Winchendon, Massachusetts Census, 1870
Winnebago County, Oshkosh Wisconsin, Census, 1870
Winona County, Minnesota Census, 1920
Wisconsin Census, 1820-90
Wisconsin State Censuses, 1895 and 1905 - New!
Worth County, Georgia Census, 1920
Wyoming Census, 1860-1910

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